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The Suzy Foundation specializes in providing support for the different aspects of special needs children to help them achieve their D.R.E.A.M.S. Here are just a few instances and stories that demonstrate the impact of this organization.


Congratulations on receiving a Dynamic Movement Orthosis suit!

Check out this video of Everett receiving his ‘Batman Suit’ https://plus.google.com/118411920856674562759/posts/G3GCkL1XyKT



Congratulations on receiving a grant towards your Service Dog!



Congratulations on receiving a Dynamic Movement Orthosis suit!



Congratulations on receiving your new Listening Therapy Program!



Congratulations on receiving your glasses!



Congratulations!! Allen received Speech and Occupational Therapy Sessions!



Congratulations!! Issac received a S.P.I.O. shirt in white! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Please welcome Taylor into the Suzy Foundation Community!492 Taylor received a speech application for his digital device. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Alyssa’s Bike

After having her special needs tricycle stolen on Thursday, January 16th 2014, Suzy Foundation heard Alyssa’s story and just had to help. We have awarded Alyssa a new tricycle. Take a look at these videos and articles that share her story from beginning to end. As of February 24th, we are waiting for the new tricycle to arrive. Alyssa Finally Gets Her New Bike! See her take a ride towards independence again. Alyssa Gets Her Bike

Suzy Foundation will purchase a new bike.

Telling Alyssa’s Family Measuring Alyssa for the bike



“Thank You” Notes from Families Helped by The Suzy Foundation: 2013

Congratulations to Keegan!!! He is our October award recipient!! He received speech sessions at Foundations Developmental House!!IMG_2101



Congratulations to Zachary, McKenzie, and Carter !!! Our award recipients for the month of August!! Each child received portions of SPIO (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis) suits. The compression suit helps each child focus on big and small tasks.


We have seen so much positive progress since the Suzy Foundation awarded Ian his SPIO suit. Just the other day Ian requested, ‘black pants!’ I was shocked he asked for the pants! Whoa!!!!


That’s HUGE!!! He also seems to be seeking more pressure from squeezes and has been liking more tickles since he’s been wearing it 🙂 I can only predict that the SPIO will only contribute to his success in school and home!
I’m so humbled that we were able to get this Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis (SPIO) suit for Ian. He is such a sensory seeking child, and I feel this is going to be a huge improvement in his every day life! We are so deeply thankful to everyone there who made this happen for Ian and our family!

With gratitude and love,
Melissa and Family


thank you 2013 madoniasThank you again!
Andrew has been using his new IPAD so much! We had so much trouble getting him to do his “school work” before and now he loves it! We can’t thank you enough for your very generous donation.
Have a blessed day!

The Madonia’s
May 6, 2012 – The first Suzy Foundation Award Ceremony in which we donated specialty equipment to children with special needs and their families.

“Thank You” Notes from Families Helped by The Suzy Foundation

Our family is so grateful for the generosity of the Suzy Foundation and its donors. Our son asks daily to use his iPad and enjoys every moment of the learning experiences it has provided. Thanks to a variety of different apps geared toward children with autism, he can now identify objects and categorize them in ways that he never could before. This is just the beginning of the many uses of this amazing tool — we know it will help him to be more prepared for kindergarten and beyond. What’s more, he is learning responsibility in being careful with his new device and practicing patience when he is tackling a new skill.

Thank you,

Thank you for our weighted blanket. Gavin just loves it. The Suzy Foundation community is so welcoming and we are so lucky to have met all of you.

The Barrett Family

The monitor that the Suzy Foundation was able to get for us works great! Being able to have the door closed and the monitor on is such a wonderful reassurance and big help. We can’t express our gratitude enough! Thank you Suzy Foundation!!

Adrian and Vicki and the rest of the Gauna Family!!